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A long time ago, a man named Henry Martyn Robert compiled a process of order to ensure meetings could be managed in an orderly manner. We call this Roberts Rules of Order.

The best way to maintain order is to follow the predefined rules. If your team has a foul, and the referee calls it a touch down, the affected players would be quite upset. It breaks down the basic system of order inherent in the system.

To your point about popular vote: We do not live in a pure Democracy. Under the GOP rules, we have persons who have been appointed by their districts to represent their districts. This requires an ENGAGED public. Going to vote, and then going home does not constitute being engaged in the process - especially when others are willing to be MUCH MORE engaged.

So, in order to truly win against the Romney, Paul (and possibly Gingrich supporters) Santorum's voters must not only show up in numbers, but in fervor as well. The most vocal, active and fervent supporters of a candidate will decide the delegate count and determine the winner.

There are ways to deal with this through the rules process of the party. For example, some states require delegates to be bound based on the proportional vote.

In this case, that is not in the rules. Therefore the players (Romney, Paul, Santorum, Gingrich supporters) must play within the rules to WIN.

It isn't about forcing a decision, as much as it is about playing by the rules, to determine a FAIR outcome. Ignoring the rules is just unreasonable and AGAINST the will of the people.

"Always vote your principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams.