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Comment: No The Media is very hush

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No The Media is very hush

No The Media is very hush hush about this...the only News outlet that wrote about it ...

It means the government can take anything it needs whether you want them to or not. It also means they can use any person they think is necessary, whether those people want to go or not. Also, the government can use your property anyway it wants to, including putting government (military) equipment on your property, if they think it is necessary. Lastly, they do not have to be in an emergency, or war to enact these abilities.

To be clear, it says it will take control of all food, water and people it feels necessary for national defense.

I really hope I'm making something out of this that it is not, but reading on other blogs and forums, the consistent thing people are saying is that this, above anything else that has happened recently, is making people believe something big is looming. Next step...Martial Law.