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Hit The Nail On The Head

The Question? WHY? What did they change? I have a sneaking suspicion, it's really bad news for us,

Unfortunately, The answer is a needle in a haystack and only Lawyers can see the haystack.

If your a Lawyer or can speak Legalese here's the info needed to find the needle.

Link is for pdf of Executive Order 12919 of June 3, 1994:

Here is the paragraph in the new bill that revokes EO 12919
"Sec. 803. Authority. (a) Executive Order 12919 of June 3, 1994, and sections 401(3) (4) of Executive Order 12656 of November 18, 1988, are revoked. All other previously issued orders, regulations, rulings, certificates, directives, and other actions relating to any function affected by this order shall remain in effect except as they are inconsistent with this order or are subsequently amended or revoked under proper authority. Nothing in this order shall affect the validity or force of anything done under previous delegations or other assignment of authority under the Act."