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Will the St. Charles Police...

Will the St. Charles police please cite the code where "trespassing" has taken place?

Will those same police, and sheriffs, and highway patrol and God knows what other law enforcement swarmed on that peaceful, but noisy assembly, under the Newspeak of "keeping everyone safe"...please cite your legal authority to interfere with and enforce the shut-down of a presidential caucus??

Will the local GOP please explain the following: Was this not a caucus which was called and which could be held at no other location but this one, and do the Americans invovled here have the natural rights to assemble and cast their votes for this all-important presidential nomination?

Will they please explain as to how they could invent an unconstitutional "rule", again defying the first amendment, where no video (in a public place!) could be used?

Will the police (and the GOP who called them)...please explain as to why the arrest of Mr. Stafford was not an "unnecessary seizure", in BLATANT violation of the Fourth Amendment?

In light of all the above, and the natural rights to assemble and speak (cameras included), and the right to VOTE...FREE OF INTIMIDATION, not to mention to be guarded against "unnecessary searches and seizures"...

Will the police and the GOP please cite laws on the books that give them the right to subvert the Constitution of the USA, and interfere in such an adverse way to prevent and close down a presidential caucus??

Yeah I thought so. They can't.

Rather than charge these individuals for 'trespassing'..the local GOP jackbooted thugs that ramrodded the caucus...and the cops that stepped out of their oath to defend the Constitution by violating it...should ALL be charged with felony VOTER INTIMIDATION.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.