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I've spent 3 weeks here, part-time campaigning

and I have seen that nearly all Californians I've talked to are very open to Dr. Paul. Those numbers are not representative of the possibilities.

There is enthusiasm only for Paul, here. With a powerful effort, many Dems and others can be induced to vote for him, if we can get them registered.

At a gas station I gave a woman a SB and told her "get rid of the IRS, keep your rightful earnings, audit/end the fed, get the feds out of our lives; he'll take 39K a year instead of a half million, bring the troops home." She was thrilled and said, "He's one of us," and then gladly took also a bumper sticker.

Forget the polls. We need to put people on the ground, possibly with registration information and talk to everyone, one by one. This is the most Canvas-Open state I've seen.

See this post: will be adding campaign videos soon: