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My understanding is that it is... *Edit*

the organization that adopts the rules with which it is run. It this case, the Repuplican party. These rules may then be modified at each level by district, county, state or local municipality bylaws.

Robert's Rules of Order is basically a time tested method for running meetings fairly and equitably. Some organizations use their own version of RR but most of the information in this post references the 10'th edition of Robert's Rules of Order. The latest is the 11th edition(Refer to book section near top of OP).

Here is a good introductory video presented by Gerald Smith:
Part 1 - Parliamentary Procedure: Background and Basic Rules

Here Eleanor 'Coco' Siewart, P.R.P. talks about the concept of the funnel of laws:
Robert’s Rules Parliamentary Procedure: Session 2
Part 1 - Starts @ 2:35