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+1. I do agree

I do agree...

I am not so much revolted by the not-so-surprising manners of a certain part of the GOP (that we know all TOO well is capable of...), there, than by the local police forces complicity.

C'mon, of course they must, by duty, to reply to a call on a complaint for trespassing private property... Of course protecting private property is important, and actually what we stand for (fighting against the legions of kinds of thieves we're dealing with, in charge of offices in this country, precisely...)

But, don't treat us "stoopid", please: wasn't it obviously displayed to these policemen that there was a political meeting event scheduled for and by THE SAME PARTY, occurring there? That there was something fishy going on?

They just decided to play, themselves, "stoopid", I think, and close their eyes on the voter intimidation fraud initiated by Mr. Dokes et al.

Really sad for the name of the police on that one.

This definitely should be given due pursued process and discouraged to happen ever again in the future of this party, or in any other party for that matter.

If only for standing for it as being a principled value.

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