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On their video, they claim to have been secretly, actively infiltrating some of the MSM to influence them report about the events when they happen...

I can understand, common sense, they still are not very into advertising about themselves, if they positively appeal for such event to occur.

I have no rational idea who could they be, though I could maybe speculate about an existing specific group which uses a language that resembles a lot how this prophetic theme is phrased in the video.

But I'm not willing to share here on the Daily Paul, would be vastly too off topic and I don't want to pollute this place I respect too much with what would appear as very controversial speculations to some, anyway. Focus: Ron Paul!

All I know is I'm not part of it (AFAIK!), of that Freedom Reigns. Maybe "regretably". Or not.

If for just one thing, I've been having a way too busy schedule just sustaining myself or my family over almost two decades, to be able do THAT, also! Oh, and yes, to sustain the welfare state, here or there, too.

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