Comment: this must stop. we have the numbers

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this must stop. we have the numbers

i know it's easier to say than to do, but we must take what is rightfully ours. with force if necessary. the behavior of spencer and dokes negated any position of authority in that caucus. supporters of liberty could physically take the microphone and take control of the caucus. others could make a human wall to stop the police. when one video recorder is turned off others should be turned on. there should at least be an audio recording to prove what happened. this is a revolution and a victory will not be handed to us. if there are police there, they should have been commanded to arrest dokes and spencer. nobody should have left until justice was achieved. just imagine the headlines if 100 or 200 were arrested at that event for trespassing in attempt to vote...

i know this is easier to say than to do, but we are going to have to start getting in this frame of mind. our forefathers were willing to die for liberty. are you willing to be arrested for it?