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That lawsuit and Court files prove the case is real at least....

But here's what I don't like. I don't understand *who* these people are, and why they aren't singing the praises of Dr. Ron Paul who is winning and is ultimately the only way out of this mess.

I don't like how they say so many in Congress are going to be temporarily arrested, including Ron Paul! What is this?

"We should have compassion for these people."

For David Rockefeller, the genocidal maniac!?!? Pffta!

Are you KIDDING me? I am not going to have compassion for Elite Tyrants who tried to drug me & kill me!!

That is absolute INSANITY!!! No way, I'll give 'em the same dues they deserve from wounded knee.

"And the Lord commands his people, forgive them for they know not what they do"

Forgiveness, is the only Christian value I will show with my oppressors. I forgive Israel for their violent, deviant actions and the CFR for trying to kill me & establish a world government....but I will NOT show compassion!

And Ron Paul, DeMint, Lee, Rand & a few others had nothing to do with this radically treasonous scheme. They should never be counted among the great Harlot of Washington D.C. Ron Paul filed CRIMINAL charges/suits against his fellow members, Rand Paul forced a vote to block the Patriot Act, they also WILLINGLY exposed the financial terrorists.

They filed indictments in court, therefore they are not with the guilty! IMO, if they are not left alone then someone got the facts wrong.