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Comment: From what you've said in your

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From what you've said in your

From what you've said in your report I think this is huge...much bigger than most of us initially thought.

This isn't just another case of the establishment vs. Ron Paul. This is something more specific and much more important. This is specifically Rick Santorum's people trying to hijack the process to disenfranchise both Romney and Paul supporters.

This is huge! Why would they do this? It's obvious actually. The campaign is starting to get in the reports that despite their "wins" of several straw polls they are getting destroyed in the delegate race.

I think most of us would agree that we've pulled far more delegates from Santorum than from Romney or Newt.

What could be worse for Santorum to lose the delegate race in Missouri after pulling such a huge victory in the straw poll primary?

Everything you've said here looks to me like a premeditated hijacking, that may even been sanctioned by the Santorum campaign itself!