Comment: Fast Forward Truth and Justice!

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Fast Forward Truth and Justice!

Greetings to all on this Storm-isa-comin Sunday.

This was written for you, our hero's who did not back down, but first posted to the entire DP-Ship before being replaced as a comment here. Vital words for all Souls on board.

Bless you dear Sir for your courageous actions and more so for your astute reporting. That goes for all here.

Like prairie fire, this crime becomes more known about and we see from all parts of the nation all creeds and colors coming together under the tent of community, family, and the American Way for freedom and liberty. Give thanks.

The tribe will follow those like your self from all parts of the country that still hold Truth, Justice, Honor, and the Rule of Law as something to cherish and still call Sacred. What many do not understand is, God, or what ever name you give your higher power sees and knows all and IS that reinforcing energy at the side of those who embrace these true and real American Values that this communistic corruption seeks to destroy.

We are seeing more and more hubris of the beast that is taking over the country on national mind Kontrol propaganda digital TV. They openly support and reinforce the corruption and evil of vote fraud. Were it boldly identified as the socialistic-communism it is, more might pay attention to the horrible disgusting vote fraud and out-right-in-your-face corruption of these entrenched evil criminals. Like destructive barnacles, THEY MUST ALL BE SCRAPED OFF if the ship is to survive.

Dig it!

We see them cretinous creatures for what they are. Bodacious stagnant puky like dead fish been kept in the box of evil for far too long. It is filthy, stenchy, plain and dirty disgust that has had it's beastly way upon this nation since money became god.

Oh, whoa unto ye Oh Israel.
(Definitions: Israel = the People.)(All of God's Peoples created equal-No one better than another)

Think back to the foundations that Our Fathers put forth, and think from this base of righteousness that will expose the indignation of this corruption and voter fraud/rigging/disenfranchisement of the American People. Remind each other at these caucuses, primaries, conventions, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS FIRST! ONE NATION. ONE PEOPLE. The divide and conquer methodology goes back to the Cesarian ways. Old as the hills, and still as dangerous. It is anti-Love. Or, anti-God. Or, anti-Christ. (For definitional clarification, this Heart defines God = Love.)

It is not about red or blue, republicrats or demopublicans, left or right, this or that. It is ONLY about RIGHT and WRONG!

If there are ways to shine more light on this wicked horrendous and blatant cheating of Ron Paul and all of us who support him, then open your minds and get as creative as we can to do this in our Peaceful Ways. The truth is engraved in Stone. It might truly be as easy as Ten simple Commands and this is what our foundations rest upon. We remember THIS will never ever go away...or change.

Bless'ed are the Peacemakers.