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Latest additions: *Edit*

I've added the following videos and posts...

(So far I have left out the outdoor footage from St. Charles County Caucus. I'll try to add further descriptions for the clips I have added later.)

Under County & State Conventions:
3/17/2012 - St. Charles County Caucus - (Audio)

3/17/2012 - St. Charles, MO Hijacked Caucus - No Video Allowed! - (1, 2, 3, 4)

3/17/2012 - St. Charles MO Hijacked Caucus
Part 1 - “This was shortly after the unrest began while the initial points of order to overturn the "no recording" ruling were being ignored.”
Part 2 - “This is when the real unrest begins. The introductory chairman begins by threatening the congregation to (illegitimately) adjourn the meeting if things don't come to order.”

3/17/2012 - St. Charles, MO Caucus - Android phone
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

3/17/2012 - Clay County, MO Caucus Blatant Election Fraud - (1)

3/17/2012 - Greene County(Springfield), MO Caucus Highlights

3/17/2012 - Dallas County, MO Questionable GOP Republican Caucus - (Audio) “The delegates were pre-selected via "slate."”

3/17/2012 - 36th Legislative District Caucus GOP WA State - Read video description. (1: See comments)

Under Related posts:
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