Comment: Our right to vote no longer exists

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Our right to vote no longer exists

After talking to a St Peters PR police officer yesterday, I now understand what happened. She was very gracious and respectful to me and answered my questions to the best of her ability. She offered to have a St Peters police supervisor call me today and I said I would appreciate it and thanked her. This is what I gather happened.

The gymnasium was rented by the party (GOP committee)
The Committee hired OFF DUTY St Peters police officers to work at the caucus.(These were NOT on duty police officers but rather what I call Rent-A-Cops.
The GOP Committee ended the meeting and told the Rent-A-Cops to call all of the police departments to remove the caucus goers from the property and arrest any that refused to leave.

Officers from St Peters, St Charles City, St Charles County and State were brought in to follow the orders of the GOP Committee members AND according to the PR officer, in COMBINED agreement of the School Officials. (This one REALLY floored me) The helicopter was NOT requested but rather heard the activity on the police radio and went to the scene of their own accord. I asked the officer WHY only two people were arrested for trespassing rather than all of the hundreds that were still there. Her response was that the rent-a-cops had warned the two individuals several times that they were trespassing and if they did not leave, they would be arrested. This statement made my blood boil, THEY WERE CHOSEN TO BE ARRESTED FOR A REASON.

Now, MY opinion of what really happened and I stated this information to the police officer that called me and I plan on repeating this same information to the Supervisor when he or she calls me. This is MY opinion and my opinion only but after hearing the information from the officer and watching the videos, I could come to no other conclusion.

After the 2008 primary and the huge amount of Ron Paul support and delegates winning at the St Charles caucus, they had to stop that from happening again this year. The committee was prepared, and the entire causus plan was completed before anyone even walked through the front door. Keep in mind that the same thing happened in alot of the caucus's all over the state including mine. In some cases the Committee crooks won and in others, they backed down.

In a nutshell, they steamrolled their chair through and stopped the Ron Paul supporters from becoming delegates in the largest Ron Paul county in the state. That was their goal and their only goal. The really corrupt thing about this is they USED the police to accomplish their goal. Brent was outside doing exactly what he had a right to do which was reconvene the meeting. He was overwhelmingly the chosen chair and he was utilizing his Roberts Rules rights and Constitutional rights to continue the election and delegate process. IF the Brent and the caucus goers had left the caucus site, Brent could not have accomplished this so they had to stay at the caucus area and they HAD THE RIGHT TO STAY because the school was rented for the caucus UNTIL 1:00.

The ONLY way the GOP committee could stop caucus goers from accomplishing their legal right to reconvene was to REMOVE THEIR CHOSEN CHAIR. A small private GOP committee USED the very police that the caucus goers pay for with their tax money to serve and protect their citizens rights to TAKE AWAY one of their most cherished and important rights we have in this country...THE RIGHT TO VOTE! The police look like thugs, the GOP wins and walks away smelling like a rose and the caucus goers look like a vicious mob.

THIS is what we are up against and THIS is what scares the hell out of me. The fact that a small group of people control 4 police departments and use them against a group of Americans that want to stop exactly what happened to them. It is true....our votes DO NOT COUNT...this is election fraud at it's worst and the GOP in my mind are a bunch of bullies and thugs and should be not only shut down but prosecuted as criminals.