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Good Question!!!

They already have been counted.

On March 17 after I knew the Provisional Ballots had been counted, I contacted the Chairman of the GOP and pointed out that the Final Numbers released on their site do not reflect the breakdown of the "Outstanding Provisional Ballots." The next day I received a response from the Chair of the Hawaii Republican Caucus Committee telling me that they have released the Final Numbers.

This isn't true. They've released the number of regular votes and then in a separate column you can see only the total number of "Outstanding Provisional Ballots." There's no breakdown by candidate.

I immediately contacted the campaign and asked them to please do something about this. Dr. Paul won not only the Big Island, but Maui. All public records that the Hawaii GOP is releasing need to reflect this. Instead their records show that Romney won Maui.

I now have another email ready, asking the GOP to specifically update the online pdf with Final Numbers that provide a breakdown of the Provisional Ballots by candidate.

I've been asked by the campaign to wait another day before I send it as they are working on it.

I believe the count is accurate, but the way the data is being presented is misleading.

I'll keep you posted.