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Comment: I really don't want to be the

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I really don't want to be the

I really don't want to be the Debbie downer, with my "holier than thout" preaching. I , as much as most everyone else want to spit nails about the disgusting MSM, but please, I ask as a sister, don't forget that cool heads prevail. Without wanting to sound as though I'm suggesting that we all "kiss a@@", God knows, that's been expected enough, and we are screaming from the mountain-tops, that is not gonna happen.
I say all that to say that at this point I can't help but believe that any reporter who gives Dr. Paul air time, and in this case over seven minutes, is friend, not foe. True, she was tough, in the beginning, but I'm sure she rocked the boat enough and we should appreciate every second we can get to get the message out. Yes, its hard to have a spirit of humility, and the average person's breaking point has been far exceeded. Dr. Paul is the one who sat in that chair and and withstood the treatment. He is the one who remains strong under circumstances I KNOW I could not endure with such grace. I know I will follow his lead not only down the road to liberty, but knowing a humble man is a man of strength. Walk softly and carry a big stick. Instead of making rude, degrading remarks, I strongly feel our response to this woman should be a big thank you in the name of liberty, peace, and most importantly Dr. Paul who, I'm sure was greatful, and made the sacrifice for the team.
In any war, there are those along the way who don't go out to the battlefield, but they contribute what they can by providing shelter, a meal, or even a word of encouragement, we should be glad for every contribution big or small. They should be accepted with thanks, not thrown back at them because they couldn't fight the front lines.
As we have seen this week, Dr. Paul supporters are being falsely labeled because of our success gaing delegates, and the courageous stand many have made to fight the fraud. We will not take the bait and give them the fuel they so desire. Lets conduct ourselves as the representatives that we are for this campaign and the revolution.
Sorry for this long rant, but while I watched this video, I had such an overwhelming feeling as I not only listened to Dr. Paul's words, but I thought about his strength, his courage, and how exhausted he must be in this fight. I want to do all I can to help. We are all a part of this movement, we support with votes, calls, delegating, etc. But even if you can't get out there and pass out fliers, make large monetary contributions, or march in rallies. We can all be positive, effective representatives by showing the basic respect and integrity that will make others, first, open to hearing the message.