Comment: As much as I hate the media.

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As much as I hate the media.

I have to laugh sometimes, because so many of them, certainly this guy, honestly believe they can court us into the GOP. The GOP establishment, I think, firmly believes that they can sway Ron Paul's youthful movement into the GOP, just like the Tea Party. And isn't that just, laughable? Like, seriously, I read this article and smiled, because naivety isn't frustrating or evil, it's worth a good chuckle.

The Liberty Movement is all the people who won't be courted by the two-party system. Regardless of whatever happens, I'd say 95% of us will never again vote or agree with a Republican or Democrat (unless it's a mole/undercover/whatever). There is no way they can get our votes, they'll have to find a way to remove us like a cancer, or we're going to ruin them. It's exciting really.

So don't get angry, get excited and laugh. As long as they're naive, as long as they think we can be courted, they won't fight back as hard. As long as they're naive, we can sweep away enough power so that they can't kick us out, ever. As long as they're naive, we can win.