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Not new. I've been reading

Not new. I've been reading this site since it began. Since this is a political site, the "Health" topic would be more regarding the govt's relationship to health care, as well as Ron Paul's stance on health related issues, in my interpretation.

This post is discouraging for a variety of reasons. Having this on the front page of DP makes us look to outsiders like loony conspiracy theorists. I understand the site it's linked to is reporting on a study, but I'm talking about the average joe's perception of the way this post is portrayed. The title is also misleading: the study is specifically about breast cancer, not all cancer, and I can personally testify that my closest family member is alive and well today because of radiation for another type of cancer. The best doctors in this country prescribe it as a first course of action because it is effective.

But mostly, we are on a very uphill mission to get the Paul campaign and its message to be taken seriously, and posts like this splashed across the front page simply aren't helping matters.