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is lacking.

Not saying this is false. But always be careful of extrapolating ONE STUDY onto everything.

I am all for natural medicine. However, do not believe for one second that there aren't also frauds in the alternative medicine community.

This is what frightens me about so many of the natural medicine people. You seem so willing to accept anything that contradicts what Big Pharma says. While I am happy you don't believe the lies of the medical-industrial complex, don't automatically assume someone else telling a different story is the right story.

There are people who will take advantage of your willingness to reject traditional medicine by feeding you bull$hit. I am NOT saying alternative medicine is a lie, but rather opportunists exist in EVERY field.

Someone below posted that "Big Pharma = no cure, not ever."

That is utterly and completely false. Yes they are absolutely guilty of pushing dangerous pills onto the public that may not even be effective. However not every creation out of Big Pharma is evil and not every creation is harmful.

For such believers in the free market, you guys are being pretty ignorant to believe that all of Pharma is evil. Would there not be also people who would deliver a good because consumers like that it works? If you end up in an ER for a massive open (compound) fracture, I hope you don't get any painkillers since they are manufactured by Big Pharma.....

The idiocy is mind boggling. By all means, free yourself of the medical-industrial complex. But don't chain yourself to an opportunist, either.

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