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I'll be honest...

I'll be honest... my thoughts were along these lines too when I saw this post. Don't get me wrong, I DO NOT CARE FOR SANTORUM AT ALL!!! However, I will not delve into the sad depths of the opposition by adopting their tactics of 5 second snippits and out-of-context statements. I immediately wondered what the context of the statement was. And you're right, we don't (and shouldn't) believe the president should "run the economy".

Now, whether Santorum is genuine in his statement of the president not running the economy or not... that's an entirely different issue. I personally believe he's trying to spout the "conservative line" of "not running the economy" because he thinks it helps him with conservatives. I believe his record tells a different story. How hypocritical it is to say the president should run the economy, but on the other hand believe he should start wars and tell people what they should do with their personal lives (i.e. run most everything else).

Also, he is likely genuine in saying he doesn't care about the unemployment rate (though he clarified/retracted this statement later on). As has already been pointed out, he is focused on issues more important to him... like bombing Iran. Even those of us that do not believe the president should run the economy care about the employment rate. It is BECAUSE WE CARE that we believe the president SHOULD NOT run the economy. :o)

Anyhow, let's try not to adapt the tactics of the opposition by taking things out of context and posting 5 second snippits of what people say. It drives me nuts when people do it to Ron Paul, so if I follow the Golden Rule -- as Dr. Paul says I should -- I won't do that to other candidates either.

Onward and upward! The movement for Liberty is growing!