Comment: What a shock....radiation

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What a shock....radiation

What a shock....radiation causes cancer...and then they are surprised to find that radiation treatments make cancer worse? I have always held that opinion...considering my grandfather died of lung cancer and I saw how much chemo didnt help him. As per usual except for surgery a lot of modern medicine is quackery based on treating the symptoms rather than fixing the problem. You take your car to a mechanic to fix a squealing belt and he sprays some anti-squeal onto the belt. This is not the issue...the iasue ia that the harmonic balancer is going causing the crank pulley to wobble....the difference between fixing the problem and treating the symptom. That being said the naturaul medicine side of things is filled with a lot of quackery as well(not everything of course...but a lot) my dad died from workplace related melanoma and I saw just how well the natural treatments worked for him....although his was far advanced by the time they found it