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True Nature - Not Hidden

Are the "crooked" politicians just playing a role in hopes that we wake up. It's not as if they hide their intentions.

Obama stumbled and laughed when taking the oath of office

Romney clearly stated on camera he is influenced by big donors

Rick Santorum said, if you want a conservative, vote Ron Paul

Gingrich almost plays a Joker role. He doesn't even attempt to make you think he's honest.

Sure, Obama told us he was going to end wars. But his campaign logo was him staring as Two-Face.

They use one tactic to prepare the people with war in Iraq. After being caught lying, they use the exact same tactic to prepare them for Iran.

Some people hire the cheapest plumber, agree verbally, and fret when the price is raised and the job needing of repair a month later. Shame on both parties.

Others, pay an honest wage, examine credibility, and sign a contract.

Moral: Don't hate dishonest politicians. They are the natural result of a people seeking dishonest (get more than you pay for) results.