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Yes, he and Paul are on the same page here

He was critiquing small-minded Americans and opportunistic politicians for obsessing about short-term problems like the unemployment rate (and I would add gas prices). The country is in a spiritual abyss and on the verge of imploding. The bigger fish need to be fried. Yet, most react to these immediate anxieties.

In 2010 after the midterms, Congress finally seemed to mustering the fortitude to reject another debt ceiling increase, a decision Paul supported. Sure enough, Obama and his media partners appealed to short term anxieties in order to defeat the resistors. It worked. It always works because most people don't look any further than their next bill payment. We need real leadership that enacts fundamental economic reforms.

Santorum is correct. He was trying to inspire people rather than cater to their immediate self-interests. Whether you like Santorum or not, this is the type of leadership we need.

Paul's statement in response to the Paul Ryan recent budget release is also very powerful but it will be demagogued by both the left and the right.