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That so dull

Balls it up. Give it a title that people want to click on. Can we try to be a little daring for a change - a little controversial - like we were back in late 07, back in our heyday. Not all scandalous attention is bad attention.

The good news is Glenn Beck isn't calling us radical Guy Fawkes worshiping terrorists. Bad news is we're not breaking any single day fund raising records.

You're right though the media will just take advantage of the opportunity to paint us as pot smoking crazies. But wait a minute... They've already been there and done that... numerous times.

Call it "My Aunt Betty's Big Bouncy Butt" Money Bomb for all I care - so long as it got a title that is so enticing that even the world outside of political-geek-land feels overwhelmingly compelled to click the link.