Comment: The work ahead

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The work ahead

People, this was never going to be easy. The effort must encompass taking control or having an alternate to a number of strongholds held firmly by the corrupt status quo. These people have all the advantages. They control the media. They use our tax dollars to buy and bribe support. They control the financial system. They control the military and the police.

How can this change? It is, and must be, a multi pronged assault. Consider the media. The media is brain washing propaganda. This derives from the Bernays and Lippman school of controlling democracy by the elites. Likewise, the economy is controlled by Keynesian central planning. The schools are controlled by central educational planners. The key here is the media.

When people come home from work, they sit in front of the indoctrination box. When they are tired, they are most susceptible to suggestion. I submit that we must offer an alternative. One that is based on real untainted information.

The technology exists for a 24/7 programing channel that fits the pattern that people have become accustomed to. This would gather the various truth tellers under one umbrella. A news channel that gives the real news. Including real economic, political and international information. Think format like FOX, CNN or MSNBC. But a Liberty based internet network with real commentary.