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GERMANY~~~here we come!!

With all our freedoms being evicerated right and left by our VERY CROOKED POLITICIANS, it is egregious that this is happening!

I sometimes can't believe this is all happening. I mean, really, it was one thing for these political perverts to vote for the Patriot Act & the NDAA bills, because they rationalized them as being part of some fantastic delusional, yes, terrorist fantasy, BUT~~~that's where the buck stops, my friends.

There is NOT ONE IOTA of JUSTIFICATION for taking our rights to protest & be verbal regarding the politicians and candidates and Senators & Congressmen who parade around wanting "conditional" voters to vote for them.

I am........ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED of all these people who voted for this stupendous & egregious bill....and also very distraught over it.

We need to move---all of us---to one state---where we can be together. At least, we could vote for great leaders in our state.