Comment: Some of you baffle me to no end

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Some of you baffle me to no end

I just listened to this clip after reading the comments. Those of you calling jokes a patsy or played or whatever and giving this "man" credit for being honest and giving him any sort of pass - REALLY? If he is so damn remorseful why when asked several times WHO told him - he just says "the committee". And then he plays the whole - well "we were trying to keep it fair - they told me this or that.
Are some of you such peace loving - anything to avoid a fight people that you cannot see through this blatant obvious BS? REALLY? This man knew exactly what he was doing, he knew why he was doing it and he is part of it. Plain and simple. My god - he goes on some radio show - and mind you DOES NOT SAY SORRY - and basically tries to sell all the BS and some of you gobble it up like gravy on a biscuit.
If you are here on the DP we expect more from you.