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My 2 Cents....

I think this absolute railroading of the people's process is a purposeful act to prevent the Tireless Minority from gaining ground. Given the implications of the actions of this Dokes character, it is abundantly clear the Establishment of either Party want Ron Paul STOPPED!

If after this anyone still has doubts that every single popular voted in every state isn't being manipulated to prevent a Paul victory, what more proof do you need?

As part of the Agenda which Obama is fast Tracking with all his new Martial Law/ War on America legislation it is clear the collapse is coming soon. Ron Paul is NOT part of the plan, if he succeeds in the Nomination he will most likely be assassinated.

Understand this, the Establishment had Ron Paul supporters arrested for following the rules as set out by the founding fathers of the Constitution and the Republic. They are hell bent on staying their course. It is the reason this election cycle has been so fraught with problems, because unlike every other election cycle this cycle has a "NEO" in the Matrix and all the agent Smiths are on high alert to remove him.

Ron Paul is winning because the people are waking up daily and the damn is bursting, the establishment is being forced to expose themselves, just as the caucus system was designed to. You can rig the machines & manipulate secret counts, but when you arrest people in front of other people for following the systems rules, you show your true colors, vile and disgusting.

Mr. Dokes should be strung up by his neck, he knows exactly what he is doing, any idiot with half a brain would realize this when 2,000 people stand up in an up roar against what you are dictating. He is a fraud just like all the other snakes. Don't be fooled, claiming ignorance is part of their disguise.

Anyway, the establishment is concerned, the caucus system will expose them even further, keep pushing on for delegates and exposing these horrible scum that have corrupted our peaceful earth and are trying to destroy it and enslave all of us for their own personal gain.

Watch to see what happens with Mr. Dokes there will be a deal made and Ron Paul delegates will be disenfranchised and the media won't touch it with a ten foot pole. I fear this Revolution will have to get bloody before we see any real change, I wish it weren't so.

Power to the people, Ron Paul or none at all!