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If you are refering to me,

I did call him a patsy and I stand by that comment. The only thing I credited him with is for being an idiot. I never used the word "honest", since he was way out of his league and tried to play politics with the big boys by using their playbook. The only remorse he showed was that his "friends" played him for the fool he is. By being on that show, he was simply trying to keep his dirtied and torn hat in the ring.

I assure you, I do not gobble up anybody's political bs. I know sos when I smell it. Peace loving, yes, I am guilty of that. I do not attack without provocation or throw insults lightly. I prefer to give people respect, unless their true colors come to the surface that indicate otherwise. In the case of Dokes, what I heard come clearly to the surface was that he is an idiot.

I am also guilty (although I call it cursed) of being able to see many sides of the same issue. My many years on this earth and my intelligence (MENSA level, by the way) tell me that not absolutely everything is black or white. There are a whole lot of shades of grey in between to be considered before jumping to conclusions. It is because of those shades of grey that I concluded that justice would be better served with Dokes as a witness for the prosecution of his "friends" rather than taking the fall by himself. Eliminating the idiot would accomplish nothing to help get rid of the kind of corruption that took place that day.

Finally, the only thing you should expect from me or anybody else here, aside from doing all we are able to help the RP campaign and restore our liberty, is an honest opinion and/or honest reaction to things posted here and above all, respect for the members of the DP community. We may not always agree but, I'm quite sure that isn't a requirement.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox