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Thank god our founders weren't so brain washed to think they could just keep writing letters...Eventually they stood their ground and defended themselves from attack. If all patriots were not willing to risk their lives and fight we would be part of Britain. Realistically I don't like being told the truth of our founders and the truth of our future is offensive... but there ya go. I don't see any hippies at my Ron Paul Rallies.

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DEFIANT HERE: I saw NOTHING inflammatory about my original post at all and as the name states I don't exactly like abuses of power, but this is your site so i will respect that. If the truth about our founders is suddenly wrong I start to wonder if maybe I should spend more of my time with my fellow vets and Adam Kokesh. I've been with Dr.Paul longer than this site has existed.... just never signed up for an account. (insert a HARDCORE libertarians salute here English long bowmen style)

Thank you for the GOD LIKE slap from the mod. Message received and respected as much as I can allow myself

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