Comment: Yeah, I think there's a lot

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Yeah, I think there's a lot

Yeah, I think there's a lot of votes Paul could steal from Romney. And he's still the guy to beat with by far the most money even though his support is soft and on the decline. They're easier to sway than Santorum voters, Paul's not going to convince them on social issues.

His support cares about the economy and think Romney is the guy to fix it. This keeps them from voting Santorum, who doesn't even seem to care about economic issues. So stress that Mitt's not going to fix anything and that government isn't a business. His business experience is valuable but not an end-all. Especially when you see his experience has to do mostly with guiding companies through bankruptcy. In business, that's healthy. For a country it's a disaster.

So if you want Romney to guide America through an orderly bankruptcy: by all means. If you want to SAVE America from bankruptcy however... there's only one real choice. And add how there's probably a role for Romney to play in a Paul administration as there's goin to be a lot of firing to do.