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Comment: How about an apology?

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How about an apology?

It sounds like he has absolutely no idea how a caucus works nor does he have any worthwhile knowledge of Robert's Rules. Yes, he may have been manipulated and used by his superiors, but the fact is that he let them. I can believe that he had good intentions, but that doesn't excuse the fact that he screwed up. I think he truly believes he made a couple mistakes and he played a role in things getting out of hand. He even indicated that he was at fault a couple times. But that doesn't excuse him for being used as a puppet. If I were in his position, I would be extremely apologetic for my role in these events, while at the same time joining in the public outcry against those who sought to rig this caucus. If he was truly sorry, he would say so, and he would be very angry at those who used him. Right now he just sounds like a guy who wants to pass the buck.