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Puppet Masters

Good Morning Mr. Dotes,
Your Mission, Mr. Dokes is to stop, by any means, any attempt by any candidate supporters(that are NOT OUR CHOICE)from obtaining chair positions during the Caucus.

You will open and close, in a single sentence, the appointment of the selected people on the list that WE have provided you.

You are to perform the above only after all recording devices have been turned off. Police are made available to you to enforce the above requirement.

To ensure your safety and the success of this operation, more than adequate agents and law enforcement is on ready to move standby alert, including air support.

A cover story for media has been issued.

Should you or any members of your team be caught or exposed, the Media will stand down, with the exception of the cover story.

The secretary will disavow your actions.
You will quell any all inquisition by taking total personal responsibility in the error of your on personal judgement.
This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds