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Really, now!

You know darned well that this is all just a COINCIDENCE!

I think you have nailed the nature of this, very well written.

This is an absolute gem:

"You can rig the machines & manipulate secret counts, but when you arrest people in front of other people for following the systems rules, you show your true colors, vile and disgusting."

If people do not see what is going on here, they never will.

"He [Dokes] is a fraud just like all the other snakes. Don't be fooled, claiming ignorance is part of their disguise."

It is absolutely beyond belief that Dokes claims he did not know Robert's Rules! Why then was he in charge? Why did he not defer to others who do understand RRO? Why instead did he have the police ALREADY THERE AND WAITING?

And you are absolutely right, "...keep pushing on for delegates and exposing these horrible scum ...". This is an active form of civil disobedience, and they have chosen the wrong guy to arrest at this caucus.

GREAT POST!!! Thanks for your 2 Gold Eagles!