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Well .. its pretty simple. Search on 'Paleo Diet'

Type in the string 'paleo diet' on your search engine of choice and a ton of stuff will come up. Read up on it for a bit and the light bulbs will start going off for you.

Funny thing: I learned about it from reading of all places.

It seems to be associated with the liberty movement, because a lot of liberty bloggers swear by it.

I had been thinking about going on it - then I developed symptoms of bowel disease last fall. Before I was even diagnosed (ulcerative colitis it turns out) I picked up the diet, eliminated all of the stuff that is hazardous ... and my symptoms started coming under control.

Recommended it to a friend - not for IBD, but for overall health and weight issues - and she lost 17 pounds of fat in one month, skin cleared up, eyes cleared up, energy went through the roof.

Highly recommended and best advice I could give anyone (other than voting Ron Paul)