Comment: Granger, you act like I did not already answer this

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Granger, you act like I did not already answer this

I have aquaponics and food forest gardening to replace it, and replace if I will. It costs me LESS than feeding Monsanto Frankenfood to myself and my animals. You are so fond of Monsanto that you will ignore easy answers put right under your nose?
I have gone to great lengths to buy REAL heirloom seed. It takes some work, Monsanto has bought out many of the heirloom seed farms, so I do not buy from them. My suppliers cost less than Monsanto faux-heirloom, too. ( is a great source.)
Plants grown to save seed are kept isolated so there will be no Monsanto contamination and them suing me, like they are prone to do. (Monsanto contaminates a farm, and the farmer is liable. That is evil.)
I can't account for my clothes, but I do not buy new clothes, hardly ever. New socks and shoes, but most everything else I buy used. The day will come when I will be able to purchase "Monsanto free" bolts of cotton cloth, and on that day, i will make my clothes.
You seem to think that since Monsanto has successfully infiltrated every aspect of our life that the correct course of action is give in to them. That is just lame.
I eat ALMOST no MOnsanto. I still get stuck eating dinner out or buying snacks from time to time, but I do not cook anything Monsanto. i raise my own chickens and grow their food, I buy only organic beef and am raising my own beef to butcher this fall, and raise the food for it. I grow my own vegetables year round, and I have so much food I give some away.
Yes, Monsanto is evil. Yes, you can live without them. Yes, your life will be better without them.

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