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Monsanto and the Federal Reserve

I just googled them together, see what came up. Here is how cozy they are:
It is hard not to get angry at so much ignorance. I am a farmer. I am trying to grow wholesome food. Monsanto is a problem for me every time I turn around. You pretend people are free to choose, Monsanto or not, but Monsanto is monopolizing our food supply. If you are so dense that you do not see the threat in Monsanto controlling every bite of food available on the planet, you are beyond help. That is how I avoid staying angry. I realize how deeply invested in the illusion you are, and I come to a place of pity. The bunny holes get so deep and so convoluted, it is easier to find a comfortable lie you can live with. Oooo - about that.... I don't think you can really live with that lie, but hey, you are free to run whatever experiments on your body you wish.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.