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TO: Ratgirl~~~NOBODY is going to listen to some County Chairman

Are you kidding me? Are you a TROLL?? You've been a member 8 weeks? Give me a friggin' break. 8 weeks, you troll....get lost.

Ron Paul personally doesn't like lawsuits, BUT IF WE EVER HAD JUSTIFICATION FOR ONE, IT IS NOW!

FILE........A..........1 BILLION DOLLAR..........LAWSUIT!

NOBODY would pay attention if some "local" filed a lawsuit, NOT AT ALL, are you kidding me?

Dr. Paul needs to file, because this is a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, and the GOP is guilty of "election engineering", and Ron Paul is the victim. Throw in a lawsuit against the MEDIA, too, while we're at it. We have MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE against them and how they engineered and swayed the public with their negative pundits spewing forth hateful, mean accusations and "comments" all meant to sway the public! I would recommend the attorney, L. Lin Wood, because I believe you know him, Dr. Paul.

Yes, it is RON PAUL'S RESPONSIBILITY~~~no one else's, and I'm sick of not seeing anyone in the campaign get some guts and do something decisive! Ron needs to do this, even though it goes against what he'd "like" to do. He'd rather be in a comfortable position, but that is NOT the answer anymore, no way, no how. PLEASE, DR. PAUL, WE NEED MAJOR PUBLICITY OF THIS WRONG, OF THIS INJUSTICE. PLEASE, DR. PAUL, THINK ABOUT IT. thanks.