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Comment: Looks like propaganda to me from Monsanto

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Looks like propaganda to me from Monsanto

I read part of it, when the article says we have free choice that is Bologna. If a large farmer is saving his own seed he must guard his storage bins, because Monsanto has been known to steal samples. They will even use fraud against the farmer. It is up to the farmer to prove he isn't violating Monsanto's patents.

If the farmers cow gets out and gets out into the road the farmer can be liable. Why then is Monsanto not liable for spreading their pollen from the GMO crops to others?

Why is Monsanto afraid of having labels of GMO? If it is so great they should be promoting this not hiding it.

All I want is complete disclosure at the market. Get rid of the EPA since Monsanto has infiltrated it. EPA is a socialist organization any way.

Lets get back to true capitalist market, Monsanto won't have a chance.

I feel Ron Paul is a huge treat to Monsanto because he hates fascism.

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