Comment: Good job Joe in persuading

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Good job Joe in persuading

Good job Joe in persuading your family and friends to listen to Dr. Paul! The hardest part sometimes is getting people to go beyond what the mainstream TV media tells them and find out for themselves what Ron Paul stands for; once they do that they usually become supporters!

I think it is awesome that Ron Paul has the support of the 20-somethings; it bodes well for the future of the liberty movement. But I think his support among older people is underestimated or at least under-reported by the media, probably on purpose. I'm 48 and my dad is 77 and we are both strong supporters. We both went to hear Dr. Paul speak in Spokane WA in February, and ALL ages were well represented, from high school students, lots of college age people, all the way up to 70's and even 80's. Freedom is contageous for all age groups!