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Not for a fast buck

It's to find a way to supply the demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel. Everyday the demand for food, feed, fiber, and fuel is greater. Evolution eliminates species and established new ones, everyday.

I'm with Geirge Carlin, "Save your ass".

I think in it's own evolution as a corporation, Monsanto has made mstakes, but they are important for sustaining BILLIONS of human lives, and that's no small feat.

Human lives are important to me. More important than the beautiful Monarch Butterfly who loves the necter from the thistle that grew in the corn that was GM and culled the population. What a shame. Yet, evolution changes our world everyday. Everyday species go extinct and new one are born.

Monsanto has done plenty wrong, but they also do plenty right, and one reaon we call all drive to a grocery store an enjoy a large selection and variety of foods globally. We can eat cherries everyday.

Our world is changing and Monsanto9 is part of the reason, the demand for food is not going to stop until the human population is culled, and I'm against that with all my heart.