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Conspiracy theory is actually

Conspiracy theory is actually a misnomer for conspiracy hypothesis, where one comes up with an explanation of dubious value to define illegal or immoral actions of a group of persons. Were they actual theories, they would be the actual best explanations for the facts in light of empirical evidence.

My only question here is whether they spread and evolve in a similar manner to religions, in that they are social memes and subject to replication behavior. Like religions, they are also largely demonstrably untrue, and yet people continue to believe them against all reason, but they do have an evolutionary basis as a form of groupthink that aids social cohesion among a social niche; this is more of a misfiring of other desirable behaviors that aid survival.

I apologize but I haven't read the catholic catechism. I rarely read fiction; that isn't to say I wouldn't enjoy it had it any entertainment value.