Comment: I did somewhat similar

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I did somewhat similar

recruiting uninterested family members and friends. The easiest part was with Obama supporters. I promised them they are free to vote for Obama in general election if economy will be better. But they "must" vote in the primaries for RP as a hedge against another Bush.

Funny, many democrats still did not see that Obama is the Bush 3rd.

TO ALL YOUNG & PASSIONATE SUPPORTERS: You often assume Liberty message as "truth" and try to shovel it into the throats of others. In reality, economic prosperity under free market happens because 1) people work much harder; 2) inventions are created faster. Because of the 1), the fact that the transition period may take years and many hardworking businesses do lose in fair competition - working people rightly understand that RP ideas may not benefit them in a short run. And they have children to feed and got used to trade union job security, affirmative action, gov jobs, etc. And many Americans still prefer "equality & justice" over dog-eats-dog free-competition. So do not be angry at American people, you can always blame "Zionists" to ease your mental anxiety. Or as Alex Jones put it more subtle: "5-6 banks."