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There is some thing seriously wrong in the environment, the insects are on the front lines. In my area of south west Minnesota the insect population is almost gone. Monsanto's target the corn borer seems to be very resilient, you see thousands taking flight in august. But there are no bats left that will feed on them.

The song birds are just about all gone in this area, and I will bet it is because the bugs they feed on are being targets of Monsanto.

I think it is a sad day for American citizens where they believe they have to kill other living creatures for themselves to survive. The Monarch butterfly is such a marvellous insect migrating thousands of miles from North America to Mexico every year. I saw only two last year and they were in my own yard that is free of all pesticides. I felt so sorry for them because of all the spraying going on by air plane.

But now there is growing evidence that the human population is being culled by GMO's. The Russians believe the Americans have been lied to by the CDC, they claim over 2 million have died already because of the GMO's. I do know 3 people that handled this Systemic pesticides have died of cancer. One was a truck driver for Helena, he sold Watermelons part time on my corner.

You can do a web search on Round up and pregnant women and find lots of warnings of pregnant women should be no where around the fields that are sprayed by Round up. Monsanto's sales men used to brag how good this crap was for the environment. They can no longer make the claim legally.

The latest commercials I hear on, local radio scares me, they are starting to guarantee that their corn will kill every thing that flies over and crawls under.

So I believe the culling of humans are happening, but no one has been willing to really look because of the fast buck.

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