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Comment: I'd like to start my own polical party

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I'd like to start my own polical party

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I have a vision... since all entitlement liberals HATE all greedy wealthy republicans. and visa versa.

I want to start the "COMMON SENSE PARTY". I figure the only people that would hate my party are stupid people and the clueless.

In both cases, I can handle them by simply ignoring their moronic view point.

my party will stand for the following:

1. balanced budget.. I personlly have to have one so shold my party.

2. Personal freedom. If you want to make stupid non-common sense choices, you are free to do so. However if you make a non-common sense choice, you have to live with it and not expect those with common sense to run to your aid.

3. if you display no common sense, then you are open to ridicule. If you can prove your lack of common sense as being a valid decision, then you will receive an appology regarding your position and it will be posted as a common sense standard.

4. All Common Sense decision makers (judge, police, government official, teacher, etc.) Will prove their understanding and demonstrate Common Sense standards established by the People. (this is one of the hardest parts). The Constitution will be the corner stone of the standards.

(feel free to add your own addendums to our core beliefs)...

Some examples..

If you frying pan catches on fire and you throw water on the fire thus causing your house to burn down... your insurance company has a right to void or negotiate a settlement.

If you buy a house next to an airport, you have no right to complain about noise, nor force the airport to accomidate you.

If you want to build a house in Idaho, The Government cannot interfere with that process unless there is sufficient proof that there is a serious consequence in doing so.. You will have the right to debate the conflict in an open forum with all interested parties to have input. An impartial and common sense judge/jury will determine outcome.

there shall be no laws that state you MUST wear a seatbelt as an adult. (children are exluded and must wear a belt as the do not understand the consequences). If you choose not to wear a belt, and have an accident resulting in injury similar conversatio between you and the insurance company. Many states do not require motorcycle helmets but all require seatbelts... seems to be a common sense.

Banks that are forclosing on a home MUST ensure there is just cause for such an act. The police are NOT to be an agent of the Bank. Police are only to be involved protect and/or defuse hostile conflict (mediator). if the home is occupied the owners can not just be physically thrown out without due process.

If a media person wishes to call someone names, there only 2 parties involved in the situation. If a dispute arises from the situation, the party receiving can rebut those statement via Common Sense Court.

The rule of laws will be based on the statement... " No victim, No crime".

Obviously my thought is just a sudden brainstorm or braincloud. And since I (we) all have been controlled, manipulated, brainwashed since birth, any new and radical idea will meet a lot of resistance, and would required a lot of thought to account for how to implement.

I need to remember that the official law is "COMMON SENSE". the hardest part is an actual definition and completely objective guidelines

In some strange ways, I can see validity in the message behind "The Rent is too Damn High" party. there is underlying truth to that statement (economically, racially, politically, etc)