Comment: A conspiracy against Monsanto?

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A conspiracy against Monsanto?

Here is some facts:

When GMO corn came on the market they (Monsanto) did a study with the corn on Lab rats. Some scientists for the government wanted the study to go on over a longer period of time.

Within weeks those scientists lost their jobs, no further study was ever done. There where scientists in France wanted to do independent lab work on the GMO corn. But because of Monsanto claiming patent rights they stopped any independent study.

These French scientist decided to sue Monsanto under the freedom of information act. After years of court litigation Monsanto finally lost. The truth about Monsanto's experiments were made public by these scientists. The truth is Monsanto gave the EPA such a large study, thousands of pages of raw data to hide the truth. All Lab rats that were fed the GMO corn had some type of organ failure.

The EPA was embarrassed and forced to cover their own buts by fining Monsanto for lying. But Monsanto succeeded in getting the GMO's on the market and that's what they wanted.

Is there a conspiracy do your own research, this is all on line. A Judge was so mad at Monsanto they put all court documents on line.
Start with what happened to Aniston Alabama. Monsanto poisoned the town and refused to clean up their own mess, Monsanto,s own internal memo said they can not afford to lose 1 dollar of business over Aniston.

Here is a documentary I found to be very truthful, I verified some of the claims. They tell the story of Aniston Alabama.

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