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Comment: Yes, I believe there is a conspiracy against Monsanto

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Yes, I believe there is a conspiracy against Monsanto

Blaming Monsanto for someone who drinks their pesticde to commit suicide as a protest is where you are trying to make two wrongs someone's right.

Apparently the man made a bad agreement and his government let him down. What good did the suicide do? Encourage others to commit suicide when they make bad contracts?

Seems to me Monsanto had a problem with a farmer who was mentally unstable. Suicide is not the solution and I find it immoral to wage a mans's suicide as a reason.

I'm SURE that cultural differences in the way business is conducted is a problem EVERYWHERE.

Being a Granger, I KNOW many farmers, BIG FARM farmers who own and manage hundreds of acres, hire hundreds of migrant wokers, own planes and tractors to manage their farms. I met and had long discussions with many in my promoting cannabis hemp seed. I was told, "I have no problem growing anything, but where is it to be delivered?"

Much of the massive farms deal strickly with huge corporations, unilever/best foods, Kraft, Nabisco, Purina and so on. The trains and truck routes are set for THEM, not we the commuter. When sitting in conferences for three day stretches looking for REAL SOLUTIONS to supply and ddmand for food, fuel, fiber, feed, Monsanto rules because Monsanto hires the best and brightest among us and pays them far moe than a fast buck wage. There's ALL at stake, like feeding Armies, Navies, poor people who don't work, schools, prisons, and corporate chains.

Monsanto goes down, and it all goes down. Monsanto goes down and the USA goes down Ron Paul or not. Monsanto is one reason the USA is the most powerful nation on Earth. It is an American company. Round up continues to earn billions every year.

I believe in God. I believe we were created and are not natural, but our DNA was employed of the Earth, but we are not, and maybe why some call us the cancer. So I think as a human race, which seems to be seeking new planets for future colonies and this planet is NOT going to last forever and ever. While we are here, I think the most imporant thing is loving our brothers and sisters, feeding them. Monsanto feeds the world and for that, my hat is off.

We are all simple, and even those who strive to live beyond their means and super naturally, have a place here until they die, and we all will die. The T-Rex, The Monarch Butterfly (which I grew up watching the migration in my back yard when we lived in Monterrey when my Dad was going to OCT Pebble Beach... he would catch them and pin one of their wings to my walls, where they fluttered to death,,, it was horrifying. He thought I would be facinated. He was wrong... but his Native American blood didn't see Bambi. He saw a predetor or better yet, dinner.

Yes, I think there is a conspiracy against Monsanto because they know Monsanto goes down and so goes the USA and billions of peple who they don't want on the face of the Earth starve to death.