Comment: I support Ron Paul

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I support Ron Paul

because he hates fascist companies like Monsanto that use the government to spread their evil ways. I truly believe if Ron Paul becomes President it might be the end of Monsanto. Ron Paul wants the small farmer to succeed he even talks about people having free choice of being able to buy raw milk if they want. This is not big farming policies you are advocating.

It is a proven fact the Organic farmer can out produce the chemical farmer. DR. Elaine Ingham has been doing it for over 10 years. We don't need Monsanto poisons or any commercial fertilizers to grow a bigger crop. Monsanto has mislead the farmer for their own profits. I think it is time to drop the BS about Monsanto is needed to feed the world, because it can be done better without them.

As for the peasant farmer vs Monsanto. The peasant farmer probably didn't even see any contract, Monsanto used Bali actors to lye to the peasant farmers. Monsanto conveniently left out the fact their seed only performs well on irrigated lands. This should have been on the seed bags for all to read in their own language, not English. Monsanto used the poor farmers ignorance against him, and that is criminal. You talk about religion how about a little compassion for your fellow man.

But now 1 big farmer takes up all the small peasant farmers land installs a deep well irrigates the land, this large farmer will do very well for himself. One farmer replaced a 100 suicide farmers, that's great progress I guess.

Once this large farmer starts to lower the water table because of the area's poor rainfall, what happens to the surrounding villages when their hand dug wells dry up?

When you start to change the landscape there are always unintended consequences.

If Monsanto does not go down there will be mass starvation because it is only a matter of time before the land get so polluted it will grow nothing.

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