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Another day, another doltish, uninformed, emotionally driven rambling by Budowsky. The only thing this article made me think was..."I wonder if this guy actually gets paid for this stuff, and if much?

What also strikes me is some assumption that Ron Paul's supporters are somehow a block vote just waiting for Dr. Paul to say the name Romney. This is probably the most laughingly stupid meme that the MSM passes forth amongst themselves.

Those who think this even remotely possible haven't been paying attention to the level of emotion and commitment that Paul's supporters bring to the game, and are completely out of touch with what is going on. Paul couldn't possibly change the facts as they now exist, that he has single-handedly, by representing the "thoughts" of his following, killed the GOP...for good.

He couldn't change this now any more than a world renown surgeon could have saved Marie Antoinette immediately after her date with Msr. Guillotine. And expecting his supporters to do so on his word, is like expecting the mob of Paris to propose a chip-in to build Louie XVI a new palace.

That someone would even entertain the thought that Dr. Paul's supporters would roll over for the nominee of a Party that has acted, at EVERY turn, to marginalize, disenfranchise and defraud them is well....something that a Budowsky would think and therefore ridiculously stupid.

Life-long more.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?