Comment: Let's post the how-to WIN comments and stay positive

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Let's post the how-to WIN comments and stay positive

If you can't say something positive or contructive, why post? I have had nothing but positive results in CA during my one-on-one interactions with people. I will post the details shortly. With aggressive canvassing there millions of votes here.

I am speaking to you as a person in the field, now driving back home. My experiences directly campaigning with people is the polar opposite of many of the posts.

We are suffering the biggest hits from fraud, and, yes, media bias. But some of this can be overcome through monumental efforts on the ground.

More, later, when I post video proof of the interactions.

Mr. Slevin, give some definitive basis for your comment on the SB. Do you have any extensive experience, as do I, in directly using it with people? I can tell you, I know for sure it brings forth voters.

The poster may well be correct. It was fraud that cost us The real wins and second place positions we deserved.